I often have the ‘water’ conversation with clients, telling them that they should drink 2 liters of water each day, and I get two common responses:

1- “If I do that, I’ll be going to the toilet nonstop.”

2- *rolling eyes* “That’s impossible.”

And I wanted to address both responses.

1- Yes, you will go to the toilet more often but that is what you are meant to do. When you begin drinking the right amount of water for your body, more than likely your body is a little dehydrated and the first day or so of drinking more water is like pouring water over a dry sponge, the water will roll right off (or in this case, right out). Slowly, a little at a time the water starts to be absorbed, the more absorbed, the less going right out. So after 2 or 3 days of drinking lots of water, your body absorbs it and uses it better and you will find that your toileting needs will reduce again.

2- I agree – it did seem impossible when I first started. I knew it was possible, I just had to figure out how. 2L of water is approximately 8 glasses of water, and on any given day at the clinic I see about 6 clients. If I have a glass of water between each client, plus one when I get up and one with dinner, then there is my 2L in the day. Broken down into one glass at a time.

How can you break down your day to fit in 8 glasses of water?

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