Upper Crossed Syndrome

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I’m sure that the majority of us have to constantly remind ourselves to sit up straight or un-scrunch our shoulders away from our ears.

But what is ‘bad’ posture, and why is it potentially the cause of your headaches?

Research over the last few decades has indicated that tight muscles in the neck (and jaw) are triggers for headaches; particularly tension headaches, and migraines.

Surprisingly, this is actually good news! There are a multitude of ways for you to adapt your posture and lifestyle to prevent headaches, and for us as your manual therapist to treat and prescribe stretches and exercises to relieve tightness related headaches.

In the clinic, it is common for us to see a ‘forward head posture’ aka ‘Upper Crossed Syndrome’. UCS is the tightening of the muscles in the back of your neck and front of your chest, while the muscles in the front of the neck and your upper back become inhibited and weak.

Most cases of UCS are from ongoing poor posture which involves long periods of sitting or standing with the head pushed forward.

It is extremely common that people will adopt this posture when using a laptop, mobile phone, watching TV, driving, and reading.

If you have been dealing with headaches or migraines, then book an appointment online and our manual therapists will be able to assess you and create an individualised treatment plan suited to your needs.

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