The Shoulder Joint

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It might surprise you to know that your whole shoulder is barely connected to the rest of your skeleton.

The only bony connections between your shoulder and your skeleton are via your collarbone. At the top of your shoulder is your acromioclavicular joint, or AC joint. At the other end of your collarbone is the connection to the sternum, or breastbone.

These loose connections result in the shoulder joint being one of the most mobile in your body. At least it should be anyway. That’s what it’s designed to do – move. We want to be able to move our arms in almost any direction.

Your shoulder joint relies on its surrounding muscles, more so than any other joint in your body. Only 8 muscles have an important part to play in allowing your shoulder to move. These same muscles also must make sure the joint stays stable.

That’s a big job for very few muscles, which is why the shoulder is so prone to injury.

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