The “Rotator Cuff”

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We often hear people talking about their shoulder injuries by saying ‘rotator cuff this’ and ‘rotator cuff that’, but what is the rotator cuff? Is it just one muscle? And why does it seem to get injured all the time?

The rotator cuff is a group of four unique muscles. Their purpose first and foremost is to hold the shoulder joint together. When they are able to hold everything in place, they also contribute to the movement of the shoulder.

One thing to note about the shoulder joint- it’s kind of a miracle that it even moves and doesn’t get more injured than it already does. There is a relative lack of bone to bone connection, and the many directions that we can move our arm around means that the muscles have very important jobs in a very limited amount of space.

If your shoulder has been feeling sore or restricted, then book your initial consultation online so that we can assess the joint and the muscles of your shoulder and help you get back to doing what you love without fear of pain.

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