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How is a pillow like a bra?

Both are meant to be supportive and comfortable and when you find the right one you want it every day.

When a pillow supports your neck in the right places at night it will allow your neck muscles to relax and rejuvenate. If there is not the right support, your neck muscle will remain tense, even when you are asleep, and so you could wake up feeling stiff and sore in the neck.

In the clinic we stock and sell a pillow that we believe is the most supportive pillow out there.

The Flexi-Pillow Contoured Relief Pillow is shaped to support your neck.

The one pillow is adaptable to 4 different sizes, increasing the probability that this is the right size pillow for you. It is made from luxurious ventilated memory foam with a removable bamboo cover, and best of all it comes with a 5-year guarantee.

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