Soda Crystals for Bunion Relief

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Do you have bunions and suffer from sharp unpredictable pain at the big toe joint?

The pain can be crippling.

This is actually a very common problem in our society that is often never spoken about.  We see so many bunions in our clinic that can actually cause problems in foot mobility which can then lead to walking differently and causing pain further up the legs and hips.

There is something that can help the SEVERITY, FREQUENCY and INTENSITY of the pain that is felt


It is such a RELAXING and PLEASURABLE way to make a change.

A nice warm foot soak with Soda Crystals can help relieve inflammation and help ease the pain of bunions.

We stock Bexter’s Soda Crystals in the clinic and recommend you use them for this exact purpose.

Grab yourself a bag next time you come in for your treatment!

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