Shoulder bursitis is an inflammation of bursae, the fluid that cushions the joints. This causes pain, swelling and stiffness around the joint.

It is a very common condition with more than 500,000 cases per year in Australia.

Bursitis is caused due to repetitive movement or excessive pressure, or may sometimes be the result of an injury.

Common symptoms of bursitis include:

  • Pain in the affected joints
  • Difficulty in movement
  • Tenderness of affected area
  • Swelling
  • Loss of movement
  • Joint redness in the affected area

Without proper treatment, shoulder bursitis may last for several months to years. By releasing the tight muscles and restoring strength into the weak muscles with manual therapies, we can help to take pressure off the joint and bursae, and regain balance in the joint, therefore reducing the pain and inflammation in the area.

If you have been dealing with bursitis, please book a consultation appointment to have your joint assessed and balance restored to the muscles to begin your healing process today!

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