How Massage can help arthritis

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Massage and Bowen Therapy can help with the symptoms of arthritis.

Pain can make us hold our bodies in all sorts of weird ways because our brain is trying to keep us in as little pain as possible. When our pain is chronic or we have long-term flare ups, we tend to wind up with muscle imbalances which can cause muscular pain.

For people dealing with arthritis, joint pain can also affect the muscles. While remedial massage cannot reverse joint damage or reduce inflammation, the research shows that massage specifically for arthritis can:

* Decrease stress hormones

* Improve circulation and reduce swelling

* Promote the production of endorphins (pain-killer hormone)

* Improve mobility and range of motion

* Provide pain relief

Even just a few of these benefits can help with pain management related to arthritis, from a physical and mental standpoint.

If you have been feeling prolonged discomfort or pain, book an initial consultation today to have an assessment and together we can make a treatment plan for your needs.

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