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Modern life is full of stressors. With 24-hour news networks, endless social media scrolling, economic worries, and world-wide health concerns, Australians are more stressed than ever. There are multiple ways to handle stress. In addition to therapy and meditation, an excellent way to lessen your stress level is through massage therapy.

Unlike Remedial Massage, a relaxation massage doesn’t target deep muscles. It focuses on creating a calming, relaxing atmosphere to allow you to focus on breathing and resting. The Therapist will not press too deeply, and you likely won’t feel much, if any discomfort during a relaxation massage. You will instead feel relaxed and afterwards rejuvenated.

In addition to providing a well-needed relief from stress, there are many mental and physical benefits of relaxation massage. A relaxation massage can alleviate some symptoms of depression or anxiety, increase flexibility, reduce fatigue, improve your sleep, decrease inflammation, and improve circulation.

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