If you’ve been finding yourself unable to lay on your side, especially in bed at night (and losing precious sleep!) then you are definitely not alone. Hip bursitis affects thousands of Australians each year.

The most common type of hip bursitis is ‘trochanteric bursitis’ which means the bursa at the top of your thigh bones becomes inflamed therefore making it painful and difficult to lay on your side.

Other symptoms may include:

  • decreased flexibility
  • increased pain when getting out of a car or walking upstairs
  • pain felt on the outer hip, thigh, or the buttock.

But what is a bursa?

There are extra bits of fluid called bursae that sit in a joint and stop the bones and muscles rubbing together. These can become inflamed from repetitive movements as a result of too much friction from the tendons and muscles rubbing the bursa like when excessively running or cycling.

Nowadays, hip bursitis is very manageable and can be treated with appropriate care from hands-on therapy like Remedial Massage and Bowen Therapy.
So before you agree to have the dreaded cortisone injection or even unnecessary surgery, try seeing one of our manual therapists for some non-invasive relief.

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