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I know we go on and on about posture – but for good reason. Going about your daily life with poor posture can lead to muscle imbalances, pain, and discomfort; but don’t worry, this can be prevented!

There are a few key points about good posture to take note of:

Firstly, movement defeats bad posture! A problem with bad posture is being in the same position for a long period of time. For example, sitting at a computer at work. Your arms are always forward, your head most likely slightly tips downward, and your shoulders and back are rounding more and more as the day goes on. If you hold this position for extended periods, your muscles will adapt and think this is the new correct posture, causing huge problems when you try to straighten up again; sometimes even feeling uncomfortable or unnatural to be in correct posture!

To beat this, keep moving. Set a timer (5 minutes is a good place to start!), stretch your body in the opposite direction, get up and go for a walk. You’ll also find you will come back with increased mental focus and be more productive if you take a 5 minute break every hour.

Secondly, stretching helps prevent your muscles from molding to poor posture. As already mentioned, stretching your muscles in the opposite direction to where they are being held in the working position can help prevent long term change and dysfunction in the muscles.

For example, if you notice that your back has been hunched over for the past hour, then try a stretch that pushes your torso the other way! This could be a pec stretch in the doorway, cat cows, or even wall angels!

We can assign you a heap of different stretches, but the rule we follow is to stretch in the opposite direction of what you are doing. 


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