Good Body Mechanics for long careers.

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In the clinic, we are always asked the same question: “don’t you get sore after massaging all day?” and many clients are surprised when we say no.

We believe it all comes down to practicing what we preach about posture.

If you have been told by parents or teachers to “sit up straight”, or by co-workers to “lift with your legs, not your back” at least once in your lifetime, raise your hand.

We remind our clients to use proper body mechanics such as these to prevent injury and reduce musculoskeletal pain.

Body mechanics refers to how we move our bodies in our daily lives such as sitting, standing, lifting, and even sleeping. If you use poor body mechanics you are much more prone to injury and pain as it creates imbalances in the muscles.

Let’s use ‘lift with your legs’ for example. What this aims to do is keep the back straight and have your legs and buttocks do the work because that is their anatomical function.

But what most people tend to do is lean over with a rounded back, putting all the stress on the lower back muscles which are not designed to hold tension that way.

You can imagine that doing this repeatedly is going to have some unfortunate outcomes in the future such as pulled muscles, slipped discs, and more.

If you’ve been experiencing posture related difficulties or are curious to learn then book an initial consultation online and we can begin to develop an individualised treatment plan so that you can get back to life without fear of pain or injury.

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