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Why We recommend exercise and stretches

It seems frustrating when a health professional tells you that you need to strengthen a certain muscle or stretch out a certain muscle to make it better.
Let me explain quickly…

Stretching is designed for two purposes.

ONE is to reverse a posture that you might be in all day with your work. For example, you might have your arms in front of you typing on a keyboard, looking down slightly, curving the back of your neck.
Stretching is therefore designed to reverse this posture and help the muscles return to their correct shape and posture.

TWO is to help lengthen the muscles that might get short from being used all the time. For example, if your right hand is outstretched on a mouse controlling your computer, then your front of chest muscles are always short and active.

Exercise is designed to activate a SINGLE muscle which might not be working properly. When one muscle is not pulling its own weight you get an imbalance. This usually then created joint pain. Exercises are designed to strengthen one particular muscle, or at least get the body using it correctly again to prevent this imbalance.
So don’t worry, we know you are strong – when we give you a stretch or exercise it is to help bring balance and prevent pain.

Our qualified therapists are able to help by identifying these imbalances and prescribe you with the right exercise or stretch to help you in between visits.






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