Cupping Therapy for hip pain

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Have you heard of cupping?

We are super excited to bring cupping into our clinic as part of our remedial treatments.

Cupping around the hips can help restore balance in the muscles, increase blood flow to help repair damaged muscle and tissue and help break up sticky connective tissue resulting in freer movement and less pain.

Cupping originates from Traditional Chinese medicine and has been adapted for today’s holistic soft tissue treatment of the body. Suction is applied through the ‘cups’ on select parts of the body.

Cupping provides relief from muscles tension, improves mobility, improves blood flow and helps break up sticky connective tissue between the muscles.

Yes, cupping can leave red bruise like marks on the skin. Rest assured that these are pain free, in no way representative of damage from the treatment and will slowly fade after a few days.

If you would like to try cupping in your next remedial treatment make a booking today and see for yourself the benefits.

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