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What is Bowen Therapy?

Bowen Therapy helps your body rebalance and recharge itself. It is a very gentle technique that brings the body into a deep sense of relaxation. A very effective treatment for stress release as well as offers significant relief for many conditions.

The Bowen Technique offers pain relief, and deep relaxation to promote healing to mind and body supports in stress management, helps to balance energy levels and can be used as an injury preventative for both work and sport.  People continually report that they feel so much brighter and able to cope with the ups and downs of life.  Sleep becomes more restful and energy levels increase.

When to see a Bowen Therapist

Bowen Therapy is building a reputation to be the therapy that works when everything else doesn’t seem to.

Bowen Therapy works not only on the muscles of the body but greater affects the tendons, ligaments, fascia, and the nervous system therefore Bowen Therapy is a good option and may help where stress seems to be an underlying factor in muscle tension.

We have had success with Bowen Therapy for clients that suffer from

  • Vertigo
  • Bedwetting
  • Stress
  • Stroke recovery
  • Long COVID symptoms
  • Headaches and migraines

If you have tried other therapies, and find that they help but don’t make lasting change, then maybe it’s time to try some Bowen Therapy.

We also recommend Bowen Therapy to the older generation who may not enjoy the pressure of a remedial massage, who may be frail with the bone structure or who even find it difficult lying on the treatment table.

Bowen Therapy can be performed seated in a comfortable chair and therefore makes it possible for anybody to receive Bowen Therapy.

Commonly Treated Conditions

Bowen Therapy may help with?

  • Muscular/skeletal problems such as
    • back, neck & shoulder pain
    • hip & lower back pain
    • Knee, ankle & foot pain
    • sciatic pain
  • Accidents & injuries including
    • whiplash
    • sports/work injuries (as well as a preventative).
  • Gynaecological problems such as
    • Pre-menstrual Symptoms
    • Menopause Symptoms
    • Fibroids
    • Ovarian or uterine problems
    • infertility
  • Pregnancy discomfort
  • Respiratory issues such as
    • bronchial & asthma
    • hay fever & allergies
  • Digestive issues such as
    • IBS
    • kidney issues
    • gall issues
  • Mental illnesses such as
    • Anxiety & Depression
    • Stress
    • Grief
  • Posture and body realignment.
  • Headaches & migraines
  • Tinnitus, vertigo, sinus & jaw problems.
  • Incontinence in both children and adults
  • Sleep, high blood pressure, MS, fibromyalgia, stroke, Bell’s palsy, and many more.

What to Expect in a treatment

Each treatment lasts about an hour. Two or three treatments are often required to bring long term relief from pain, although this can be less or more depending on the individual need. Often the gentle moves can be applied through lightweight, loose clothing or directly on the skin.

After each move, there may be a short rest period to allow time for subtle adjustments to occur, in which the therapist may leave the room. The client may soon feel very relaxed as Bowen releases stress at a deep level – some people even fall asleep. During the session, the nervous system slows down to permit a switch-off from everyday problems and healing begins.

Usually, visiting clients will lie upon a treatment bed and be kept warm and covered. If preferred, seated Bowen can be beneficial for those who cannot or prefer not to lie down. In any event, the client must always feel comfortable and relaxed, to enable them to enjoy and receive maximum benefit from the session.

Can I claim Bowen Therapy on my private Health insurance?

Unfortunately, Bowen Therapy can NOT be claimed on Private Health Insurance.

The Bowen Association of Australia are working hard to try and get this rectified and we hope someday that Bowen Therapy is a claimable treatment.

Bowen for children

Bowen can be given at any age of life, including the minute a baby is born. Bowen is gentle and quickly embraced by children as they find it very relaxing. Bowen is perfect for children that can be overstimulated or sensitive to touch. Treatment is received over light clothing, on couches or chairs, on parents’ laps and often a baby enjoys the benefits across Mum or Dad’s shoulder.
Conditions responding well to Remedial
Therapies include:-

  • ADHD,
  • asthma,
  • autism,
  • allergies,
  • Bed-wetting,
  • constipation,
  • cerebral palsy,
  • chest infections,
  • clicky hips,
  • colic,
  • croup,
  • eczema,
  • glue ear,
  • growing pains,
  • headaches,
  • muscular and skeletal problems,
  • panic attacks,
  • psoriasis sinusitis,
  • stress and many more.

In addition, it can improve/correct posture balance and coordination helping the child to learn new skills and improve confidence.
Bowen Therapy benefits include:

  • Improved sleeping pattern;
  • more balanced energy level;
  • better concentration and application;
  • enhanced motor control and behaviour
  • generally happier, quieter children.

It also aids recovery from trauma e.g.

  • difficult birth,
  • accident,
  • a family death,
  • divorce/separation within the family.

Some childhood ailments may require regular treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions